I'm Ellen.
19 as of March 9th.
current U of U sophomore-ish.
welcome to a little piece of my mind. hardly anyone knows this page exists.
i enjoy chrome nail polish and greek food.
proud all time low hustler, parawhore, pierce the veil, versaemerge, and panic! at the disco fan.
I will ruin you if you don't ruin me first.
impulse posting.


VersaEmerge: Find Your Love (Cover)

Blake and Sierra from VersaEmerge performing an acoustic version of ‘Find Your Love’ by Drake in The Fueled By Ramen Studios. Visit versaemergemusic.com for more!

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being grounded blows.

three bands i love are in utah tonight. i’ve posted this like everywhere. i’m pretty much devastated.

VersaEmerge…they played at the basement a few blocks away from my house.

All Time Low and A Rocket To The Moon are at the Avalon.

  • Stranger
Stranger by VersaEmerge
Fixed At Zero

it’s like i fall in love with a band all over again every time they get a new song.

here’s something from VersaEmerge. it’s called Stranger. it’s off their album Fixed At Zero that’s just been fully released today. =]

 "Fixed At Zero"