I'm Ellen.
18 as of March 9th.
former SJCHS senior.
current U of U freshman.
welcome to a little piece of my mind. hardly anyone knows this page exists.
i enjoy chrome nail polish and greek food.
proud all time low hustler, parawhore, pierce the veil, versaemerge, and panic! at the disco fan.
catholic school isn't as vicious as roman rule, contrary to popular belief...it's worse. i love it there. i talk a lot and i like it. care to join me?
impulse posting.
  • Sugar We're Goin Down
Sugar We're Goin Down by You Me At Six


You Me At Six - Sugar, We’re Going Down (Fall Out Boy cover)

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i know i’m finding it hard to breathe, and i’ve been drowning in my own sleep.

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it’s a pretty big change from light, acoustic music, but i still love my cady groves. =]

I felt my anger swelling; I swam into it’s sea.

I held your name inside my heart,
but it got buried in my fear. 
It tore the wiring of my brain;
I did my best to keep it clear. 

So, dear, no matter how we part,
I hold you sweetly in my head. 
And if I do not miss a part of you,
a part of me is dead.

If I can’t love you as a lover,
I will love you as a friend.
And I will lay a bed before you,
keep you safe until the end.

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