I'm Ellen.
18 as of March 9th.
former SJCHS senior.
current U of U freshman.
welcome to a little piece of my mind. hardly anyone knows this page exists.
i enjoy chrome nail polish and greek food.
proud all time low hustler, parawhore, pierce the veil, versaemerge, and panic! at the disco fan.
catholic school isn't as vicious as roman rule, contrary to popular belief...it's worse. i love it there. i talk a lot and i like it. care to join me?
impulse posting.

but it was not your fault but mine,
and it was your heart on the line.
i really fucked it up this time,
didn’t i my dear?

it’s a pretty big change from light, acoustic music, but i still love my cady groves. =]

this is a follow up to my last post. unfortunately i didn’t get any videos of We Came As Romans or Pierce The Veil because i was way too into their show. however, i do have plenty of videos of A Day To Remember. =]

the rest are on my channel -> http://www.youtube.com/user/Elliejellybean13




Only the best thing ever made.

hahahaa <3.


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